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AmberFlux has invented a set of cognitive methods, systems & devices for enterprise energy & resources management. 

AmberFlux inventions are fully described in US granted Patents 9,092,741 and 9,817,422 and other patent applications.  

AmberFlux inventions are about a dynamic, self learning system that:

  • Manages local & global states of equipment

  • Analyses sets of hierarchies of states & actions

  • Implements actions & roll-back if needed

Examples of Equipment that can be managed:

  • Industrial Equipment: Furnace, HVAC, Motor, Fan, Blower, Pump, Compressor, Boiler, Meter, Heat Exchanger 

  • ICT Equipment: Computing equipment, software, Router, Antenna, Switch, Transmission Device, Wireline/Wireless Networks

Actions/Settings based on:

  • Energy consumption, Resource demand/supply/usage

  • Equipment maintenance, load

  • Power on/off, Sleep/Idle states, Equipment security/policy

  • CPU Utilisation, Spectrum allocation

  • Cost/Price

AmberFlux inventions support:

  • Rule based actions

  • Algorithmic optimisations

  • Perceptive/reactive actions

AmberFlux inventions allow learning based on:

  • Hierarchies of possible actions ​

  • Observations to learn desired behaviour

©  Amber Flux Pvt. Ltd., 2019

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