AmberFlux Quantum Computing offers consulting services that combine quantum and classical computing to solve industries’ most demanding computational challenges. 

AmberFlux Quantum Computing experts help you realise the best value out of quantum computing technologies.

  • Platform agnostic approach to leverage best of breed technologies available now

  • Proactive planning for future

Our six years of research and inventions in artificial intelligence, data analytics, IOT, quantum computing and resource optimisation techniques can help you solve most complex challenges in your real business environment.

AmberFlux Quantum Computing team has extensive experience:

  • Mobile communications OSS/BSS, Mobile payments

  • Enterprise energy and resources optimisations

  • Commodity Market Trading Strategies

  • Advanced Manufacturing IT

Our result-oriented approach encompasses:

  • Business analysis and roadmap to leverage quantum computing

  • Problem identification, definition, analysis and re-framing to leverage quantum computing

  • Preparation of use cases for computational challenges

  • Analysis of implications

  • Integration and API development 

  • Impact analysis

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