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At AmberFlux, we make AI work for
your business

Colleagues Working Together

What we do

Ready to Use SaaS Applications

SaaS Product development

rapid design, delivery, deployment & operations

Business Meeting

AmberFlux GenAI Enterprise SaaS Apps


 Ultimate ally for every decision maker

 revolutionizing how business leverage their content assets


Unlock the true potential of your business reports with GenAI. 

Extract insights, interact with reports


Unlock the power of your IOT data.

Predict future scenarios, optimize operations

Green Energy Turbines

GenAI SaaS Apps for Sustainability


GenAI for ESG

AmberESG helps you accelerate your ESG journey with GenAI


Exclusively for Snowflake 

Accelerate your ESG journey with GenAI on Snowflake

Computer Programming

GenAI SaaS Apps for Snowflake Coders


Exclusively for Snowflake 

Say GoodBye to challenges of coding, debugging, optimizing stored procedures on Snowflake

People Working in Open Office

AmberFlux EdgeAI  Tools

AmberFlux Opus

AI that can sense, learn, and act at the edge

AmberFlux Concerto

Data transformations, APIs & Control Services

AmberFlux Maestro

GenAI with NLP

Customized LLMs

Analytics AI

Law Consultation

AmberFlux Services


AI Strategic Roadmap


AI Product Development


Smart APIs for integration

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